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Jubair B.

Bachelor in Business Administration and Law @ Raffles University

I can teach: Essay, Term Paper, Research Paper, Book Report/Review or Movie Review, Coursework, Speech/Presentation, Article Critique, Annotated Bibilography, Reaction Paper, Application Paper view more..Essay, Term Paper, Research Paper, Book Report/Review or Movie Review, Coursework, Speech/Presentation, Article Critique, Annotated Bibilography, Reaction Paper, Application Paper, Dissertation, Dissertation Chapter, Editing, Resume Writing, CV Writing, CV Editing, Cover Letter, Personal Statement, Admission Essay, Scholarship Essay, Admission Papers Editing, Conversational English (also Small Talk), Understanding of Idioms, Expressions, Tones & Gestures, Preposition usage with Time, Location & Movement, Vocabulary, Business English, Demand and Supply, Equilibrium of Demand and Supply, Price Elasticity, Income Elasticity, Cross Price Elasticity, Consumer Surplus, Producer Surplus, Externalities, Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility, Pure Competition, Monopoly, Oligopoly, Monopolistic Competition, Labour Markets and Wage Determination, Anti-Trust Laws, National Income, Gross Domestic Product, Unemployment, Inflation, Keynesian Model, IS-LM Model, Multiplier Effect, Aggregate Expenditure Model, Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply, AD-AS Model, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Interest Rates, Trade Theories, Comparative Advantage, Absolute Advantage, Heckscher-Ohlin Theory, Foreign Direct Investment, Tariffs and Subsidies, Trade Policy, Economic Integration, Balance of Payment, Exchange Rate, Design of Product Services, Process Technology, Enterprise Resource Planning, JIT/Lean Production, Linear Programming, PERT, Logistics, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Material Resource Planning, Decision Tree, Value Engineering, Inventory Management and Control, Organization Behavior, Human Resource Planning, Compensation and Benefit, Training and Development, Organization Culture, Strategic Human Resource Management, Leadership, Motivation, Employee and Labor Relations, Performance Appraisal, Conflict and Negotiation, Managing Organization Change, Marketing Strategy and Plan, Environmental Scanning, Market Research, Consumer Behaviour, Market Segmentation and Targeting, Brand Management, Retail Management, Product Management, Managing Services, Service Marketing, Marketing Communication, Marketing Mix, Five Force Model, External Evironment Scanning, Internal Environment Analysis, Competitors Analysis, Business Level Strategy/Generic Strategies, Corporate Level Strategy, Acquisition and Restructuring, Project Management, Employment Laws, Anti-Trust Laws, Business Laws, Contract, Business Analysis, Agile and Scrum, Organizing IT Structure, Knowledge Management, Information System, E-Business, E-Commerce, Business Intelligence, International Business, Business Communication, Health Care Management, Hospitality Management, Business Ethics, English, Hindi. view less..

Teaching Experience

I have the experience of teaching Business Laws and Business Analysis to the junior students of my law school. I also have the experience of conducting the classes students appearing for IELTS and TOEFL.

Extracurricular Interests

I am a confident public speaker and have participated in various moot court competitions. I also write research papers and have got them published in different journals. Moreover, I am a blogger and write about the legal issues for multiple blogging sites.

Top subjects

Essay: I have in-depth knowledge of the procedural transactions which takes place in the process of Mergers and Acquisitions. I am well versed with applicable laws and regulatory compliance required for corporate restructuring.

Term Paper: As a lawyer, I am thorough with the provisions of Anti-Trust Laws and can substantially answer any queries related to this law.

Research Paper: I have been teaching these subjects to the junior students of my law school. I can assist with any problem related to Company Law, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law, Contract Law, Arbitration Law and several others.

Book Report/Review or Movie Review: I have taught this subject at my college and I possess significant knowledge of different business processes and transactions.

Business Laws: This is my subject of expertise.

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