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Marc Wein

Currently pursuing a B.A. @ Brigham Young University

I can teach: Essay, Term Paper, Research Paper, Admission Essay, Scholarship Essay, Spanish

Teaching Experience

While living abroad in Santiago de Chile for a few years, I taught English as a Second Language (ESL) to Spanish-speaking peoples. After returning from South America in 2014, I gained a position as a geography, social studies, English, ESL, and Spanish tutor. In January 2016, I worked as a Teaching Assistant for a World History class at my university. Through this opportunity, I was able to assist students and improve my teaching skills. I attended classes with students, helped the professor grade papers, directed exam reviews, and offered one-on-one help during my office hours. I am now employed part-time as a Writing Lab Advisor, and in this capacity I help students improve their grades on their essays and research papers.

Extracurricular Interests

When I'm not in school, I enjoy blasting my favorite music on long, enthusiastic runs. Along with going to the gym, running helps me get rid of stress and keep a positive attitude when I have to hit the books again. I love traveling and going off the beaten path; I've lived in South America and have studied at the University of Cambridge in England. Salsa is my favorite kind of dance music. Foreign films are the coolest! In my experience as a teacher, I believe people will do their best when they are asked questions that will help them learn independently, when they receive positive correction for all their efforts, and when they try to learn with a good sense of humor, no matter how many mistakes might be made along the way.

Top subjects

Essay: Beginning in August, I will be employed, part-time, as a Family, Home, and Social Sciences (FHSS) Writing Lab Advisor. In that capacity, I will help students write better essays, term papers, and research papers for their university classes.

Spanish: I lived in Santiago de Chile for two years (July 2012 to July 2014) and achieved fluency in the Spanish language. Upon returning to my university, I took an exam that awarded me 16 credits of Spanish and certified my reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Standardized test results

Your Score: 24

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He proves things by everyday observations and makes one realize about the real concept. Hats off to my new teacher.

-Shane, on 2016-01-15