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Melissa Landers

bachelors @ Ohio University

Bachelors degree @ Ohio University

I can teach: Essay, Research Paper, Book Report/Review or Movie Review, Coursework, Article Critique, Cover Letter, Spanish

Teaching Experience

I have worked as a substitute teacher and student teacher, mostly for middle school. I worked with at-risk students as a mentor for an online academy for one year before becoming an online English teacher. I have taught online for one year.

Extracurricular Interests

I write novels in my spare time, love movies, and love stories. I love reading and can help anyone through any classic. I also have a minor in Spanish.

Top subjects

Essay: As an online English teacher, I've helped students write many essays on various topics.

Book Report/Review or Movie Review: I have written reviews and helped students write book reports as well.

Article Critique: I have some journalism experience and this has helped me know what to look for in articles.

Cover Letter: I have helped students with their cover letters all year.

Spanish: I spent a semester in Spain and have studied Spanish since high school.

Student love our online tutoring!

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The tutor was knowledgeable and patient and listen my problems comfortably and put her all efforts to solve them.

-Brittany, on 2016-02-20