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Ankur N.


I can teach: Calculus Based Physics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Strength of Materials, Kinematics, Design and Drafting, Fluid Dynamics, Materials Engineering

Teaching Experience

With a Masters degree in Engineering. I worked as an Assistant professor at Technical institute. Vastly experience with online tutoring, tutoring online since last 4 years. I have also tutored while doing my undergraduate studies. All the students and teachers had a high opinion about my teaching. I emphasis on the basic concepts and help the student to grasp general technical and numerical skills. This makes them stronger in the subject matter and hence targeting them to an expert level from each and every corner of the field

Extracurricular Interests

Self motivated and independent from vulnerable social aspects. I do have a serious hawk eye look towards social awareness and climate change problem of our planet. Always keen to learn good things from everyone.Does't matter if it is a student, teacher or a kid, even animals teaches me lot of things.

Top subjects

Calculus Based Physics: Contains basic math formulas and theorems (algebra,geometry,trigonometry etc), that can be used in calculus parts or may be more

Fluid Mechanics: Study of calculus deals with derivative,slope.tangent, rate of change etc problems.

Thermodynamics: integral calculus deals with the summation of area under any graph in 2D,3D or in vector form. its application contains area, volume of different kinds revolving curve etc.

Strength of Materials: multi variable calculus deals with two or more than two variables in terms of differential or integral calculus.

Kinematics: Contains both integral calculus and differential calculus.Using them we always finds solutions of any differential equation.

Design and Drafting: Calculus required to solve physics problem using physics laws and facts. like spring,force, work done problems etc

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AENZI a. on 13 Sep, 2018

Physics - Calculus Based Physics


Humza A. on 03 Sep, 2018

Math - Algebra Basics