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Matter , Cell Biology , Living World , World Of Living, Chemical Substances, Periodic Table, States of Matter, Nuclear Chemistry, Electrochemistry , Organic Chemistry

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I am sujatha expert in chemistry
i have 9 years of experience in teaching IIT CHEMISTRY
problem solving and theory application part i will explain with daily applications
physical chemistry organic and inorganic i have good knowledge in this streams

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Cell Biology
Living World

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Matter is defined as occupies space and has mass examples : air , water, soil , books, human beings

Chemical Substances

Chemical sudstances are the substance which are formed by chemical bonding. chemical substance are of diferent types like atoms and molecules example ; hydrochloric acid , sodium bicarbonate chemical substance used in diffferent fields like medicine and agriculture etc

Periodic Table

periodic table is table containing elements arranged in 18 groups and 7 periods based on their physical and chemical properties depending on atomic number , electronic configuration and valency

States of Matter

total six states of matter solids liquids gases plasma state bose einstein condensate state fermions

Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear chemistry is branch which deals with nuclear rwactions like fission and fusion


Electrochemistry is the branch which deals with chemical reactions with the use of electricity

Organic Chemistry

oraganic chemistry is the branch of study hydrocarbons and its properties


Thermodynamics is the branch study of heat chnages during chemical reactions

Chemical Kinetics

chemical kinetics is branch of study of rates of reaction and mechanism

Basics of Matter

basic of matter is atom atom is smal l indivisible particle which takes part in reaction


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