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Well , as i am completely passionate of teaching and interacting with students of discussing many untold facts of chemistry and science related facts . so , keeping aside , i love blogging ( content writing ) related current social psychological topics, positive motivational writeups and sketching to say hundreds of things from an art. i also have an interest in sports like badminton , aerobics and yoga.

I can Teach:

Basics of Matter, Chemical Kinetics , Chemical Substances, Electrochemistry , Matter , Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Periodic Table, States of Matter, Thermodynamics

Teaching Experience

I am pleased to share my teaching experience that i have been teaching chemistry to all grades of students and undergrduate both academic and laboratory from last three years . My core specialised area is analytical chemistry , physical chemistry , inorganic chemistry , biochemistry and organic chemistry. also , I have been an interned in thermodynamics research along with the 2 years experience of subject matter expert of taking thousands of doubts of students for many reputed institutes and companies.

My Expertise

  • Basics of Matter
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Chemical Substances

Top subjects

Science Basics

why do stars twinkle but planets do not ? there are lot many such questions arises which must wonder you . so , no worries the reason behind this phenomenon is due to atmospheric refraction. in my session , i will explain each of such things in detailed.


topics like motion electricity , magnetic effects , light reflecion , gravitation and many more such things have a both numerical and theoretical basics which definitely requires special attention and that he place where my sessions are worthier.


matter , is it only a substance or anything more than that. well , the answer is yes , there are smallest particles which behaves differently and that is what i discussed , keeping the theoretical understanding of academic concepts in my session.

Chemical Substances

this is a topic which is most appreciated , since without chemistry substances and their characteristics One cannot know the behaviour of any chemical reaction and this is what i discussed in my lesson to make students familiar with everything.

Periodic Table

the study of elements and cramming them is what most of students do , but what if i make things easier and understandable that you do not need to just learn but understand each and every thing easier. so , here in my session i will make you understand that how elements are different from each other and what makes them unique.

States of Matter

till now there are three states of matter as solid , liquid and gas is what all familiar but in my session i will discuss that according to latest discoveries two more states of matter is also known. here, in my session everything will be clear that it even helps yo to grade well.

Nuclear Chemistry

nuclear chemistry is the study of spontaneous radioactive reaction which also has a wide area of research and brings several mysterious questions that is what i focused throughout my lesson with numerical concepts.


This area of chemistry is majorly focuses on non spontaneous reaction , which takes place in the presence of electricity only. now, is this only a major concept.. well the answer is No , this branch is broad which have basic concepts that will be clear in the quick session.

Organic Chemistry

organic chemistry , which deals broadly in the mechanism , reagents , conversions , medicinal applications , and most importantly the certain conditions for a reaction. which you will definitely understand in the best way in my session.


what comes first in your mind when you hear this term, is it heat flow only. well this is one of the major topic of physical chemistry which have a deep description of its laws , importance and numerically concepts.

Chemical Kinetics

chemical kinetics is not only a study of speed or rate related terms but there are lot more things which have both theoretical and numerical problems. these critical things are major topics which i will discuss and explain

Basics of Matter

description related he latest theories , states , the atomic features and their characterization is what i will completely discussed in my session.


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