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Masters' @ Banaras Hindu University

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I am currently working as data scientist with dream oak, where I do lots of data science stuff such as machine learning and deep learning . Else this teaching is my first love. I thought everyone can understand everything. I was cricket player as well in my university so you can take my benefit in that area too. :)

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I have been tutoring mathematics, statistics, economics, physics and other disciplines online for more than three years. I firmly believe that each and everything can be understood, you just need to focus and input your logics, that's it. I found many times students in difficulty with some subjects specifically Mathematics, not because one is incapable of but less of practice. Please see the following, or contact me and I will direct you to my LinkedIn profile (Hemendra Vaishnav), where essentially all of the information you might like to know is listed.

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Probability and Statistics

I am very good at it throughout my school days. So I choose Statistics as my major in Mater's. You love it as you give time to it, I fell. It's really an amazing subject.

Basic Statistics

Idea of basic statistics is to tell lawman how data is essential and how we do preliminary analysis.


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