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B. Tech @ NIT Jamshedpur

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About me

Well, apart from academics and teaching, I love singing songs and listening to music. I am learning to play piano and synthesise musical rhythms :) Music invigorates my mind to the fullest. To the fitness side, I love yoga, meditation, stretching, cardio, sports. For the sake of strength, I include light to mild weight training in my fitness regime.

I can Teach:
Probability and Statistics, Precalculus, Differential Calculus, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Basic Statistics, Pre Algebra, Matrix Algebra, Electricity, Optics

Teaching Experience

* Teaching is my passion. I feel happy, confident and eager to teach more and more when students understand my lectures, solve problems on their own based on my lectures.
* My teaching style ->
1. Break down difficult (original) concept into simple concepts.
2. Explain those simple concepts with examples(sometimes visual)
3. Club all the simple concepts to make the original concept.
4. While explaining concepts, take up the numerical problems for better
understanding of the student.
5. At the completion of a concept along with numerical problems, urge and help
student to work upon a new numerical problem based on the concept just

* With these five steps, of teaching, I have been able to instil confidence in my students over a period of 9 years of my teaching experience.

My Expertise

Probability and Statistics
Differential Calculus

Top subjects

Classical Physics

Well, let me explain about Kinematics. In Kinematics, we study about the rest or motion of an object without taking into effect the cause ( Force) producing the rest or motion. We define some of the physical quantities in Kinematics as follows: postion vector -> a vector representing the position of a point. r (vector) = x(i hat) + y(j hat) . Used to represent position of a particle with time. Displacement vector -> A vector from initial point to the final point on the trajectory. - Magnitude of displacement is the shortest distance from initial point to final point on the trajectory. - Displacement (vector) = final position vector - initial position vector ( From Triangle law of vector addition) Velocity vector( instantaneous velocity) -> rate of change of position vector with time. Direction of velocity vector at any time is always tangential to the trajectory at that time. Magnitude of velocity vector is equal to instantaneous speed which is rate of change of distance with time.


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It was great to have new ideas expressed and now I am able to do my homework much quicker and faster.

Sharon J.

19 Nov, 2018

  • 5 star

amazing good

Humza A.

03 Nov, 2018

  • 5 star

He does a wonderful job in explaining the process in detail and keeps you engaged with the material.


01 Nov, 2018

  • 5 star

He was very knowledgeable and knew how to explain my problems in great detail.


13 Sep, 2018

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