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Neda Tasić

Neda T.


Master's Degree @ University of Nis, Faculty of Philosophy

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- Electronic music is my great passion: melodic house, melodic techno, generic house, electro, deep house, progressive house. I love most of the DJs recording for Watergate Record, Innervisions, Einmusica Recordings, Pampa Records, Anjunadeep and ADID. - I love travelling. I have travelled a lot so far, but it's never enough. My life goal is to visit as many countries as I can, get to know eastern culture better, live a few months a year in Thailand, Sri Lanka or spend them volunteering in an animal sanctuary in Africa.

I can Teach:

Essay, Term Paper, Research Paper, Book Report/Review or Movie Review, Coursework, Speech/Presentation, Article Critique, Annotated Bibilography, Reaction Paper, Application Paper

Teaching Experience

My experience in teaching dates from 2001 when I first started teaching as a second-year student. Since 2001, I have worked with so many students, aged from 4 to 70, using different teaching methods. Working with different age groups has allowed me to understand students' needs and abilities when it comes to language learning. Also, it has showed me precisely what their interests are, which, in return, facilitates my preparation for tutoring sessions. What I like about teaching is the connection with other people who think differently, live on the other side of the planet in their own worlds that I learn from a lot. On the other hand, I love my role in this process, and it is not just to teach them grammar and new vocabulary; it is to make them think critically. Through speaking, they develop as language learners, plus they talk about things they like, which makes it even more enjoyable for them.

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  • Essay
  • Term Paper
  • Research Paper

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English grammar and literature.


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