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Priyal M.

Bachelors Of Science @ Lucknow University

I can teach: Essay, Conversational English (also Small Talk), Vocabulary, English, German

Teaching Experience

I started teaching since I was a teenager. I love teaching because of its constantly changing dynamics. When I teach students, I learn a lot and grow as a person both personally as well as professionally. I believe that teaching is more about a discussion between the teacher and the student.

Extracurricular Interests

Other than teaching, I am myself a student. I love reading, dancing, sketching and traveling. I am a trained Indian classical dancer as well as an instrument player. I love reading the most about the human body and the processes related to it.

Top subjects

Living World : I can discuss Darwin's - Natural Selection and the basic features of the living world.

Anatomy: I love to discuss Anatomy. Osteology is my favorite amongst all the parts. Students interested can contact me.

German: Ich bin Deutsch gelernt, weil I lerne gern Fremdsprachen. ch würde nur Grundschüler unterrichten, weil ich noch lerne. Aber ich habe meine Grundkenntnisse in A1 und A2 am Goethe-Institut Deutschland abgeschlossen.

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