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Rajan Chopra

Rajan C.


Bsc @ Mukand Lal national college

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I know how to make you love this subject, physics. and make is the most interesting thing that you have ever learnt. Having known how to make thing interesting during a live session, can help you build a strong foundation study.

I can Teach:

Algebra Based Physics, Calculus Based Physics, Classical Physics, Cosmology and Astronomy, Earth and Space, Earth Sciences , Electricity, Electricity, Fluid Mechanics , Gravitation

Teaching Experience

Phyiscs is more about concepts and solving problems than cramming books. Killer visualisations can only help students to be the master of this subject, that's what I learnt in last 3 years. I know how to make you love this subject. and make is the most interesting thing that you have ever learnt.

My Expertise

  • Algebra Based Physics
  • Calculus Based Physics
  • Classical Physics

Top subjects


Coulomb's law Superposition principle Charge conservation law


Calculus 3 equations of motion


Newton's laws Rotational mechanics


Newton's gravitation law Continuous mass distribution law

Wave Mechanics

Snell's law


Maxwell's equations


Faraday's law of Induction

Work and Energy

Work and problems Types of work

Classical Physics

Newtonian physics Lagrangian physics Hamiltonian physics

Quantum Physics

Schrodinger equation Heisenberg uncertainty principle

Statistical Mechanics

Postulates of statistical mechanics Maxwell's equation

Calculus Based Physics

Differentiation Integration

Algebra Based Physics

Theory of equations Geometry Linear algebra

Theory of Relativity

The special theory of relativity Time dilation Length contraction


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