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Reyaz A.


Bachelor @ Magadh University

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My positive strength is making fun on any situation. I put fun also while teaching to make the complicated parts simple.

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Teaching is my profession. I love to teach mathematics basically when there is a hidden concept. In math every term have a concept, every formula have a login and every steps have a reason. I have experience of 3 years in online tutoring and teaching.

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It deals with three sides of a triangle and when triangle is right angled then we can turn that in simple way. All questions from Height and Distance topics can be covered with three types of right triangle.


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Great as always!

Deedee C.

03 Sep, 2019

  • 5 star

Angel W.

01 Sep, 2019

  • 5 star


Deedee C.

15 Aug, 2019

  • 5 star

Justin R.

14 May, 2019

  • 1 star

Apparently the tutor must not know math if he is saying and charging me for 52 min for 1 question. First off, I was not tutored that long. Second, he was just dragging it along. I finally had to say something. I checked my bill and was charged double. I do not recommend this tutor. I know math and only needed quick help with a formula and was charged for an hour. I am not sure if it is the entire site or just the tutor but I wouldn't chance it and use a different site. I actually took screenshots of everything as we were going along for my reference of the problem. I am glad I did. Now I can share with other students what a scam the site is. I had a 5 min problem that was spread out for 30minutes and charged for 1hr on this site.


09 May, 2019

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