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Robert S.

MSC @ University of San Francisco

I can teach: Trigonometry, Algebra Basics, Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, Precalculus, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus view more..Trigonometry, Algebra Basics, Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, Precalculus, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Arithmetic, Basic Geometry, Basic Statistics, Pre Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, Bessel Functions, Differential Equation, String Theory, Matrix Algebra, Abstract/Modern Algebra, Integral Equation, Numbers & Patterns, Estimation, Basic Operations, Fractions, Measurement, Geometry, Decimals, Factors & Multiples, Science Basics, Biology, Body Systems, Animal Facts, Plant & Fungi Facts, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy , Environmental Science, Electricity, Optics, Cosmology and Astronomy, Earth and Space, Kinematics , Mechanics, Gravitation, Fluid Mechanics , Wave Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism, Work and Energy, Earth Sciences , Physical Sciences, Classical Physics, Quantum Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Calculus Based Physics, Algebra Based Physics, Theory of Relativity, Matter , Chemical Substances, Periodic Table, States of Matter, Nuclear Chemistry, Electrochemistry , Organic Chemistry, Thermodynamics , Chemical Kinetics , Basics of Matter, Cell Biology , Living World , World Of Living, Taxonomy, Plant Physiology, Human Physiology , Genetics , Evolution, Ecology, Life Sciences, Basics of Ecology , Basics of Genetics , Basics of Cell Biology, Basics of Human Physiology, Animalia, Zoology, Microbiology, Microchemistry, Biotechnology, Anatomy, Immunology, Essay, Term Paper, Research Paper, Book Report/Review or Movie Review, Coursework, Speech/Presentation, Article Critique, Annotated Bibilography, Reaction Paper, Application Paper, Dissertation, Dissertation Chapter, Editing, Resume Writing, CV Writing, CV Editing, Cover Letter, Personal Statement, Admission Essay, Scholarship Essay, Admission Papers Editing, Conversational English (also Small Talk), Understanding of Idioms, Expressions, Tones & Gestures, Preposition usage with Time, Location & Movement, Vocabulary, Business English, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Strength of Materials, Kinematics, Design and Drafting, Fluid Dynamics, Truss, Structures, Materials Engineering, Surveying and Analysis, Concrete Creation, Geotechnical Design, Electrical Machines, Electrical Measurement, Power, Signals and Systems, Communication Engineering, Solid State Devices, Control System, Digital Electronics, Fluid Flow, Quantitative Relations between Transfer Processes, Nanotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Preparation of Chemical Reactor, Theory of Probability, Simple Random Sampling, Stratified Random Sampling, Systematic Sampling, Cluster Sampling, Double Sampling, Charts and Diagrams, Variance, Standard Deviation, Skewness, Kurtosis, Percentiles and Quartiles, Tree Diagrams, Coefficient of Variance, Mean, Median, Mode, t, F, Z Distributions, Chi Square Distributions, Applications of ANOVA, Design of Experiments, Factorial Experiments, Correlation, Regression, Forecasting, Exponential Smoothing, Decision Making, Queuing Theory, Simulation, Game Theory, Assignment Problem, Transportation Problem, Project evaluation and review technique and critical path (CPM_PERT Analysis), Simplex, Inventory Management, Markov Analysis, Index Numbers, Vital Statistics, Statistical Quality Control, Psychological and Institutional Statistics, Linear Models, Biostatistics, Demand and Supply, Equilibrium of Demand and Supply, Price Elasticity, Income Elasticity, Cross Price Elasticity, Consumer Surplus, Producer Surplus, Externalities, Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility, Pure Competition, Monopoly, Oligopoly, Monopolistic Competition, Labour Markets and Wage Determination, Anti-Trust Laws, National Income, Gross Domestic Product, Unemployment, Inflation, Keynesian Model, IS-LM Model, Multiplier Effect, Aggregate Expenditure Model, Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply, AD-AS Model, Monetary Policy, Fiscal Policy, Interest Rates, Trade Theories, Comparative Advantage, Absolute Advantage, Heckscher-Ohlin Theory, Foreign Direct Investment, Tariffs and Subsidies, Trade Policy, Economic Integration, Balance of Payment, Exchange Rate, Accounting Equation, Accounting: Concepts and Principles, Journalize, Assets and Liabilities, Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Adjusting Entries, Accounting Cycle, Accrual & Cash Basis, Inventory Valuation: LIFO, FIFO, Lower of cost or market, LIFO dollar, others, Petty Cash, Valuing Liabilities, Depreciation and Depletion, Amortization, Cash Flow Statements, Financial Analysis, Valuation of Fixed Assets, Impairment, Valuation of Intangible Assets- Goodwill, Patents, others, Shareholder Equity, Treasury Stock, Dividends, Valuing Investments, Payroll Accounting, Revenue Recognition, Accounting for Pensions, Leasing, Cost Concepts, Cost Volume Profit Analysis, Break Even Analysis, Variable Costing, Absorption Costing, ABC Costing, Process Costing, Job Costing, Budgeting, Variance Analysis, Performance Management, Decision Making, Incremental Analysis: Make or Buy, Special Order, Pricing, Budget Panning, Equity Method of Investment, Consolidation Statements, Partnership, Professional and Regulatory Organization, Internal Control, Audit Evidence, Audit Test, Sampling, Management Fraud, Forensic Accounting, Auditing Revenue and Cycle, Auditors Report, Accounting Information System, Accounting for Government, Taxation, International Financial Reporting Standards, Accounting Standard Codifications, Statement of Financial Concepts view less..

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I completed my MSC from University of San Francisco. I help students with Math, Science and English subjects.

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After having my degree in Mathematics, I was then able to teach in a college institution in San Francisco. The subjects given to me were algebra and geometry. I also worked part-time as tutor to grade school and college students where I use to teach Science subject. This is my first online tuition, however, with my home-based tutoring experience, I know I am capable of sharing my knowledge to future students. Also, I can handle various personality traits without being pressured or frustrated. I love teaching and I always find it overwhelming, interesting and fun to do.

Top subjects

Trigonometry: Trigonometry

Algebra Basics: Algebra Basics

Algebra: Algebra

Geometry: Geometry

Probability and Statistics: Probability and Statistics

Precalculus: Precalculus

Differential Calculus: Differential Calculus

Integral Calculus: Integral Calculus

Linear Algebra: Linear Algebra

Multivariable Calculus: Multivariable Calculus

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