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Shamsher c.


Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication @ Himachal Pradesh University Bachelor of Arts @ Government College Sanjauli, Shimla

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About me

I am an author. My novel titled 'Crack of Dawn' is at and 'Flipkart'. At present, I am writing my second novel. Apart from it, I love cricket, swimming, watching news and news analysis, comedy shows. I like to read philosophy, politics, comparative study of religions, fiction and I love to watch sport. I am a Real Madrid and Chennai Super Kings fan. I also love reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Salman Rushdie, Orhan Pamuk and Leo Tolstoy.

I can Teach:
Essay, Research Paper, Coursework, Speech/Presentation, Application Paper, Editing, CV Writing, CV Editing, Cover Letter, Conversational English (also Small Talk)

Teaching Experience

I have taught English as a subject and language to high school students. I have also taught Shakespeare plays, English poetry, short stories to school and college students. I have also taught subjects which fall under the category of Journalism and Mass Communication to students of various universities and colleges in north India. I have been a guest lecturer at Kurukshetra University, Chandigarh University, SCD College Ludhiana, Khalsa College for Girls in Ludhiana.
I specialise in teaching how to write, punctuate, grammar, story writing, essay writing, editing, print, broadcast and digital media writing.

My Expertise

Research Paper

Top subjects


My interests are so wide that I can pretty much write on anything under the sun from sports, politics, climate change, weather, environment to geopolitical affairs. Since I have worked as a reporter in a newspaper and later at the desk, I have covered these fields several times in my writing for various news organisations.

Research Paper

I have edited a couple of research papers of friends, mostly pertaining to news and media functioning.


I have taught English and Social Sciences (History, Geography and Civics and Economics to students from Class 6 to 12th.


I have prepared and presented close to 50 speeches on public platform on various issues, current affairs, politics, etc. I have also appeared on live TV shows on the Bloombrg Quint, Day and Night News and on my own YouTube channel. Professionally, I was a TV journalist and reported live from various places in India from Delhi to Jammu for a period of seven years.

Application Paper

I have written applications for visa applications, scholarships, school admission, college admissions, etc. Apart from it, I have also written letters for marketing and sales purposes for various organisations where I worked in the past.


Editing is integral to my work in newspapers, and TV and digital industry where I have worked for over 20 years. I have also edited two books (a motivational book --The 'Spark Is Within You' and a work of fiction titled 'Shehla Masood: The murder that shook the Nation.' Apart from it, I have also edited my own novel 'Crack of Dawn.'

CV Writing

I have done paid CV writing.

Cover Letter

I have done paid Cover letter writing for marketing and sales purposes.

Conversational English (also Small Talk)

I train young You Tubers on how to start conversations and build it from one subject to another --- from how is the weather to what one should choose as ones career.

Understanding of Idioms

I have been a keen reader of Norman Lewis and have an avid interest in finding the origin of words and idioms, from their point of origin to their extinction.

Expressions, Tones & Gestures

I am trained at the time I was a TV reporter to express, tone, modulate and used gestures of hands and body while reporting. If anything I have only improved from the day I began as a TV reporter.


I have taught English (Shakespeare plays, short stories, poems as a tutor. I have also taught grammar and story writing -- short as well as long to students apart from how to write essays.


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