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Sheela Xavier

Sheela X.


M.A @ Madras University

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About me

I love to read as I am a student learning about life and people. I love to have meaningful conversations with older people from whom I can gain knowledge and insight through their lives.

I can Teach:

Admission Essay, Admission Papers Editing, Annotated Bibilography, Application Paper, Article Critique, Book Report/Review or Movie Review, Business English, Conversational English (also Small Talk), Coursework, Cover Letter

Teaching Experience

I am an English language expert with a passion to equip on the different aspects of this language. Games, exercises, presentations, discussions, anecdotes, and use of pictures are some methods I employ during the session. I make it interesting, with my student being the focus of my teaching plan. I remain outside the scope of influence and only become a guide to accomplish the task and develop the student's language skills.

My Expertise

  • Admission Essay
  • Admission Papers Editing
  • Annotated Bibilography

Top subjects


A presentation should be inspirational and applicable to life. It should provoke a positive action on the part of the audience. Real anecdotes are the stories that remain with the listener for a long time and could become a catalyst in a moment of decision.

Conversational English (also Small Talk)

Conversational English should be uplifting between any two individuals. The person who speaks first should gather verbal and non-verbal cues to understand the other individual. This will allow space for the friend to be their authentic selves.

Expressions, Tones & Gestures

Communication is more to do with body language than with words. Facial expressions and gestures convey information that reflects the many attitudes of the person. The audience in a presentation session pick-up the subtle nuances that speaks louder than words.


The use of appropriate words conveys the intended meaning.

Business English

The art of discussion and negotiation can be learned and applied.


English is among the most spoken language in the world today. Engaging in constructive conversation benefits everyone. Expressing yourself in the right way grants voice and freedom.


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