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Siddivasu CHAGANTI

Siddivasu C.


Bachelors @ Andhra Loyola College

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I Love playing Chess . Also Having a FIDE Rating In Classical Games Playing Cricket Frequently

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Trigonometry, Algebra Basics, Algebra, Precalculus, Integral Calculus, Arithmetic, Pre Algebra, Matrix Algebra, Basic Operations, Fractions

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While Working in chegg Helps me a lot in understanding US Education Systems. While Providing a Answer to Question is not just a matter of solution, It is very much important To make Student understand and He/She able toSolve any problem relevant to the concept

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Trigonometry Up to Certain Level, You will see All the Trigonometric Ratios As "Ratios" But After Dealing With Calculus you will see it as "Functions"

Algebra Basics

Learning Algebra is very important for any student who wants to excel in mathematics. Before Learning algebra We need to learn some basics 1.Working with Indices 2.Logarithms 3. Linear Equations in Single variable 4.Bi-nominal Expansion


Algebra Where math Becomes Beautiful Algebra Consists of 1.Quadratic Expressions and equations 2.Theory of equations 3. Introduction to complex numbers.........Etc,.


Before learning Calculus we have to Learn Some Mathematical Tools. 1. Functions (Domain and Range) 2. Limits 3. Continuity 4. Wavy Curve method......Etc.


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