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Sufiyan Alam

Sufiyan A.


Master of Technology @ College of Engineering, Pune, India

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About me

I am theater actor and also a poet. I believe to understand the nature we need to understand the creation of nature as well. With physics I got most of the answers of how universe works, and from portraying the character for different roles I got the answer of humans behavior. And the most beautiful way to express the feelings is converting it into a poem.

I can Teach:
Trigonometry, Algebra Basics, Algebra, Geometry, Probability and Statistics, Precalculus, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Linear Algebra, Arithmetic

Teaching Experience

Hi! I am Sufiyan Alam and I have been mentoring students Math and Physics from the last 5 years. I have done my in Automotive Technology from College of Engineering, Pune, India. When I was a student myself, I was curious to know the fundamentals of the working principles that govern the whole universe. This curiosity motivated me to pursue my career in the evolving technology. Being a mentor, I understand how to break down the complex problems into its basics. In terms of grade I was university topper and scored 95% in my high school physics exam.

My Expertise

Algebra Basics

Top subjects


I have approximately solved 2500 questions of kinematics, from motion in 1 D to 3D, from projectile motion to inclined projectile motion, I have expertise in solving any type of kinematics questions.

Algebra Basics

Being a Mechanical Engineer, I always deal with the reasons that cause motion. I have made a compressed air engine using my fundamental understanding of mechanics. And solved approximately 3000 questions, that include every type of questions that can be made.


I have solved approximately 1000 questions on gravitation, so to know each and every type of questions that can be made on this topic.

Probability and Statistics

I have solved some of the most difficult questions on electric circuits so to have expertise on any type of circuit problem. I have solved approximately 1500 questions on electric circuits.


From magnetic induction, to magnetic field I have seen each and every type of complicated problems that can be made and also solved them.

Differential Calculus

From energy conservation to work energy principle, from mechanical energy conservation to energy conversion I have solved approximately 3000 questions on work and energy.


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