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What makes Chemistry an interesting subject to learn?

It depends on how you perceive it! If all you can think about is random alphabets and numbers written as reactants and products, your mind will be boggled for sure. 


Let’s try approaching the concepts differently. 


Did you know that we work with chemicals every day? Yes...we perform chemical reactions daily.


There are chemical reactions happening when you eat, breathe and even clean. Also, when leaves change their colour, or when candles burn, they are a result of multiple chemical reactions. 


So studying chemistry simply means knowing in detail how each process takes place and what are the changes occurring at an atomic level.


Since it connects the other sciences, Chemistry is sometimes called the “central science”.


Do you still believe chemistry is a boring subject? Think again! How can a field of science that helps in the making of fireworks be boring? Of course Not!


You, we and all the things that surround us are made up of matter. Chemistry is nothing but the study of this matter and its interactions. Hence, when you study Chemistry, you are getting to know more about the world around you. 


Isn’t that amazing?


Why is Chemistry tutoring at TutorEye the most loved by the students in the UK?

Having a basic understanding of Chemistry helps you understand your environment better. The concepts are of extreme importance in various other disciplines as well.


TutorEye aims at making Chemistry learning interesting and interactive for the students. We see it as a subject not just to be studied in a class but one that can be used to explore the world around you. 


Our online chemistry tutors encourage the students to dig deeper into the concepts and apply them to practical problems. The students get to work on the basic problem first so that they are prepared for solving complex equations. 


Stressed by countless chemical reactions in chemistry? We’ve got you!

Chemical reactions in Chemistry


Wonder what reaction this is?


This reaction demonstrates oxidation of alcohol. Ethyl alcohol oxidises to produce acetic acid (vinegar) and water.


So now you know why wine becomes sour with age and exposure to air. 


If you find such reactions complicated, our tutors are trained to simplify things for you!


They are here to answer all your questions patiently and clear all your doubts. So that learning becomes easy and students become more confident about the topic. 


You can be in elementary, mid-school and high-school, or even in college, we have acclaimed tutors to help you at every step. 


Connect with them now! Schedule a session and have a great learning experience with us.


What is the process to hire a Chemistry tutor from TutorEye?


Chemistry online tutoring is so easy with TutorEye. You can follow these steps quickly and start with online tutoring anytime. Choose your dates, flexibility, and plan according to your convenience. 


Sign up - Sign up on the website. It takes less than 2 minutes, and after signing up, you can access all available tutors. 


Review plans - We have made different pricing plans based on different learning needs. Choose the plan that's best for you.


Fill the request form and hire a tutor of your choice - Just provide details on when you need your tutoring sessions, and on what topic, and based on your inputs we will match you with our best tutors. You can pick anyone from the suggested list and start learning. 


Connect with online chemistry tutors now! 

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