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Are you a part of the TRiO program looking for an online tutoring resource for students?

TutorEye provides 24/7 online tutoring service to high school & college students and helps students connect with high qualified tutors, who can support their study needs. Through our tutoring support program, we have been able to partner with a number of universities across United States and have successfully helped students transition from high school to college with good grades.

Advantages of our Online Tutoring Service:

We take the challenge of becoming your partner in delivering academic success to high school & college students. Unlike your usual third party online tutoring vendor, we won’t think second time to go an extra mile to keep you & your students happy. This means student question will always be solved regardless of your account support hours and our support agent will be there to attend to your student support center calls even in the middle of the night. We really mean when we say we are there with you to make things happen!

1. Dedicated Customer Support Agent from Onboarding to Reporting.

We understand that time is money, and you have more important things at hand than figuring our onboarding process on your own or even understanding the data in your monthly reports! For this reason, we offer dedicated customer service support to you and your team.

Our support agent will guide you on everything from onboarding process to your entire journey with us. This includes monthly touchpoint calls to help understand your student engagement and growth in their individual learning.

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2. Student Assessment Before Tutoring

We at TutorEye understand that education is not merely learning of facts but rather a much more involved process where the learner’s style and knowledge assessment is essential step in the process and most of the time it is the key component in making or breaking the student’s confidence and interest towards education.

Our tutors engage with students in different forms during the first session, to understand their preferred style of learning and their level of knowledge for that subject or topic. All findings are recorded in the online student dashboard and the tutor adjusts the pace and the teaching style based on the findings.

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3. Flexible reporting showing all key KPIs

Each data point tells a story, if organized and comprehended properly. Also presentation of data can help you and your team hold discussions on developing future forecasts, investment plans, and track progress and growth of students overall as well as individually, identify trends or any irregularities that may need further investigation.

Therefore, we at TutorEye make customized macro and micro level reports to provide high level KPIs as well as detailed student progress reports. Individual students’ reports can be reviewed by students and parents helping them celebrate the academic progress and improvement.

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4. 100% data protection guarantee

Data protection remains a priority for us daily and we make investments and conduct system maintenance to ensure student data is fully protected and secure all the time. This way, your students and you have one less thing to worry about.

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5. Value based affordable pricing that fits your budget.

We deliver result oriented online tutoring at honest pricing which means we don’t win till the time our students feel fully satisfied with the tutoring session and we price this success at nominal rates. Connect with our sales team to get custom pricing without any hidden costs for your university today!

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Our students that have used TutorEye fully understand the benefit of the on-demand 1-on-1 service available to them through TutorEye. The flexibility of the virtual session communication mediums allow for students to interact at their own comfort levels whether it be chat only or video and whiteboard sharing. Additionally, the option to review past sessions where students could choose the tutors provides an excellent resource to review material well after the initial session. TutorEye provides a comprehensive rating and training system that guarantees high quality tutor for all offered subjects. For technical issues, their support team has always provided a quick acknowledgement and assistance.

Michelle Rodriguez
Coordinator – Trio Talent Search
Kankakee Community College


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