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1.I have a problem where I'm approximating a few integrals using Simpson's rule along with Gauss Quadrature. One of the ...

ature. One of the integrals includes the function, and it's derivative within itself. The value of the derivative at the lower limit as well as the upper limit goes to zero. Based on that, why would we not be able to use Simpson's rule to approximate the integral, but be able to use Guass Quadrature. Is it due to the fact that Simpson's rule utilizes the actual endpoints while Gauss Quad. calculates the internal values?
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3.Consider a fluid bounded by two parallel plates extended to infinity such that no end effects are encountered (unidirectional flow ...

countered (unidirectional flow or parallel flow). The planer walls and the fluids are initially at rest. Lower plate moves to left and upper plate to right. Let the fluids be an oil, where kinematic viscosity (ν) = 2.17 x 10-4m2/s and the distance between both plate (h) is 10 mm. U0 = 0.4 m/s I need to find the governing equation, boundary conditions, initial conditions and to derive velocity distribution in steady state. Also, Use FTCS explicit method to calculate the velocity distribution as a function of time by implementing these governing equation in Matlab
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4.Fox News recently reported the results of a public opinion poll on supporting Trump that asked: “Since he became the president, ...

Since he became the president, did President Trump act with the transparency and the integrity that you expect from a president?” 675 voters responded the poll and 351 responded “YES.” Assume that 40% of the U.S. population supports Trump. a. Define a binary random variable, Y, for supporting Trump (Y=1) vs. not (Y=0). Calculate the population mean (????????) and variance (???????? 2 ) for supporting Trump. b. Calculate the sample mean ????̅ and the sample standard deviation of ????̅ (????????̅ ) for the poll. c. Calculate the standard error of ????̅ and construct a 95% confidence interval from the poll using ????̅ and its sample standard error. d. Conduct a two-sided hypothesis test at 5% significance level to determine whether 40% of the U.S. population supports Trump. State the null and the alternative hypotheses, calculate the test statistics and the associated p-value, and conclude. Is the Fox News survey reliable? Why? Why Not? e. Suppose that you wanted to design a survey that had a margin of error of at most 1%. That is: the difference between the upper bound and the lower bound of the confidence interval should be a maximum of 2 percentage points. For example, for ????̅ = 0.52 you are aiming for the 95 % CI to be [0.51 0.53]. How large should n be if the survey uses simple random sampling?
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5.The Sydney Harbour Bridge roadway is 504m long. At a distance of 108.5m from each pylon, there is a vertical ...

vertical strut extending from the lower arch to the roadway (as shown in the image). Here the lower arch is 80m above sea level and the upper arch is 49m above the roadway. At the vertices, the lower arch is 118m above sea level and the upper arch is 73m above the roadway. Find the quadratic equations which describe the parabolas of the lower arch in: vertex form, y=a(x-h)^2+k; intercept form, y=a(x-α)(x-β) general form, y=ax^2+bx+c The lower arch intersects the roadway 181.5m from the vertex. Calculate how much higher is the upper arch than the lower at the middle of the bridge? Using technology, determine the total length of all 19 pairs of equally-spaced, vertical struts between the lower arch and the roadway.
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6.a simple random sample of size n=12 is drawn from a population that is normally distributed. the sample mean is ...

ple mean is found to be x bar =61 and the sample standard deviation is found to be s = 16. construct a 90% confidence interval about the pop mean. what is the upper and lower bounds?
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7.My lecture notes say that f(x)=f(x0)+f'(x0)(x-x0) + R1(x;x0) is the tangent line equation with R1(x;x0) being impossible to find so ...

x0) being impossible to find so it can be dropped. My lecture notes also say f(x) = f(x0) + integral of f'(t)dt with upper bound x and lower bound x0. I'm just confused as to which is the tangent line approximation because they seem to be different equations. If the integral is evaluated on the 2nd one it gives f(x)-f(x0) but the 2nd term for the first equation (dropping R1(x;x0) gives xf'(x0)-x0f'(x0) which seems to be a different term to me. So I'm wondering which is the tangent line equation (or if the tangent line equation has more than 1 unique form) or how the second one equals the first if they are equal.
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8.A uniform beam of length L and mass m shown in Figure P12.16 is inclined at an angle u to the horizontal. Its ...

izontal. Its upper end is connected to a wall by a rope, and its lower end rests on a rough, horizontal sur- face. The coefficient of static friction between the beam and surface is ms. Assume the angle u is such that the static friction force is at its maximum value. (a) Draw a force diagram for the beam. (b) Using the condition of rotational equilibrium, find an expression for the tension T in the rope in terms of m, g, and u. (c) Using the condition of trans- lational equilibrium, find a second expression for T in terms of ms, m, and g. (d) Using the results from parts (a) through (c), obtain an expression for ms L u Figure P12.16 Q/C S vertical component of this force. Now solve the same problem from the force diagram from part (a) by com- puting torques around the junction between the cable and the beam at the right-hand end of the beam. Find (e) the vertical component of the force exerted by the pole on the beam, (f) the tension in the cable, and (g) the horizontal component of the force exerted by the pole on the beam. (h) Compare the solution to parts (b) through (d) with the solution to parts (e) through (g). Is either solution more accurate? 19. Sir Lost-a-Lot dons his armor and sets out from the castle on his trusty steed (Fig. P12.19). Usually, the drawbridge is lowered to a horizontal position so that the end of the bridge rests on the stone ledge. Unfor- tunately, Lost-a-Lot’s squire didn’t lower the draw- involv- ing only the angle u. (e) What happens if the ladder is lifted upward and its base is placed back on the ground slightly to the left of its position in Figure P12.16? Explain.
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