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What is your learning style?

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Not every student is the same when it comes to learning. Each has a preference that helps him grasp the concepts easily and aid better understanding.

After carefully observing the classrooms, Neil D. Fleming came up with four modalities of student learning in 1987. It was called the VARK model.

VARK is an acronym for the four identified learning styles-

This model helped the educators understand a student’s preferred learning style based on a VARK questionnaire.

Once a student’s learning style is determined, the tutor can customize their teaching methods accordingly. It not only helps in better learning but also increases the engagement of the student in the class.

How does TutorEye assimilate VARK into its teaching sessions?

We, at TutorEye, identify the learning style of our students and make sure to fabricate our sessions in a way that is best suited for them.

Let us have a look at how we make it happen-

Visual Visual Learners

Visual learners prefer to have concepts presented to them by visual means. It could be in the form of maps, diagrams, images, etc. They learn more when they get to see what they are learning. If you try to picture things in your head when you come across a piece of information, you could be a visual learner.

At TutorEye, the online environment is well suited for this type of learner. We use graphical representation of information which helps students remember concepts and ideas. We enable learning through graphical information which includes charts, tables, graphs, and images.

Auditory Auditory Learners

Do you prefer listening to the lectures instead of taking written notes? You could be an auditory learner. Such students learn better by listening to the information. They understand better through oral presentations and discussions. They are able to grasp the knowledge by being attentive in the lectures.

The expert tutors at TutorEye keep the participation verbal for such students. They invite the student to ask more questions and jump into a 1:1 discussion so that the student stays engaged and interested in the session.

Writing Reading/Writing Learners

Reading/Writing learners rely on written words to retain information. They learn by reading about the concepts. These are the students who focus on taking as many notes as possible in the class. This way it gets easier for them to recall and process the information later. Also, these students will perform better if they are given handouts and get to work on written assignments.

The whiteboard sessions at TutorEye help such learners visualize information in their “minds’ eyes”. The online environment is especially appropriate for them because we present most of the information for a course in writing.

Kinesthetic Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic learners love to do things with their own hands. They want to be actively involved in doing things when they are learning. Performing experiments and solving real-life problems help them in better understanding.

TutorEye puts into use practical applications & examples for kinesthetic learners. Our live study sessions engage a student in reality-based scenarios, role-play, and other interactive learning strategies.

Once you know your learning style, it can greatly help you follow the right learning strategies best suited to you.

Eager to know what your learning style is? Take the VARK learning quiz now and find out! It won’t take more than a few minutes.