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Water is hydrogen and oxygen by mass how many grams of oxygen are in a g


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1.What would be the concentration of 2.000g of HNO3 if it was dissolved in 2.000L of water in moles per ...

r litre? What would have been the concentration of HNO3 AFTER the 0.1000g of Li was added and allowed to react with some of HNO3? (Hint - Lim XS Problem) What would have been the pH of your acid solution after the metal was added? If you wanted to fill a rubber balloon to an internal volume of 5.000L and pressure of 140.0kPa in a 25.00C room with hydrogen gas from the reaction of your metal and acid (Li and HNO3), what is the minimum quantity in millilitres of an 8.000M solution of your acid you would need to generate enough hydrogen gas? (assume you have more than enough metal).
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