Summary of Edtech discussion on the topic of Solving Quadratic Equation by Graphing Method

TutorEye held yet another Edtech discussion this September for the awareness and benefit of students. This time, we had our host Amandeep Singh, the leader of the Academics team speak to two eminent tutors. The discussion was about learning better through online tutoring in general and solving quadratic equations via the graphing method in particular.

Yash Chokhani, the math tutor who explained quadratic equations and the related questions. He holds a Bachelors’ degree in Technology and works as a software developer and a math tutor.

Jean Paul, our guest speaker, joined us to explain his learning journey, and how online tutoring has helped many of his students gain better insights into education. He has a Bachelor’s in Biology and is currently pursuing medicine. He also teaches biology to students at TutorEye.

On being asked about how they overcome academic challenges

Jean and Yash, both agreed that there is a need for a student to freely ask questions. Jean expressed how he has been an inquisitive child and finds education a lifelong process. Yash on the other hand elaborated that students often fear being ostracized for asking silly questions and that it should be done away with. There are enough tutors who would be happy to help students learn better.

On Tutoring Experience

This question was directed at Jean. He went on to reminisce about his old school days where he used to help his classmates with academics. As one thing led to another, he received greater demand for help with assignments, and later even joined an NGO to teach underprivileged children. After that, he underwent mentoring programs to hone the tutor within him and finally started working as a professional tutor.

On Education in the Post-Pandemic World

This is one of the burning topics in the world of education. So, Amandeep directed this question to Jean and asked for his opinion. Jean was clear that the world certainly cannot go back to the pre-pandemic style of education. It has to do with the discovery students made during the phase of the pandemic: some things are done better virtually than in person. And education is one of them. It is much easier to find many tutors online who match one’s style of learning, and budget, but the same becomes a tad difficult when one needs to find an in-person tutor in their city.

What are Quadratic Equations & how to solve them using the Graphing Method?

Next, Amandeep invited Yash to talk about the math topic that so many of our students find difficult. Yes - the Quadratic Equations. Yash spoke at length on the topic and described that a quadratic equation is but a polynomial equation and how degree two in one of the variables defines it. Also, to solve it, the equation must equate to a “zero”.

He went on to speak about quadratic equations usually having two solutions, and one of them is via the graph method. He demonstrated the parabolic graph as an example and explained topics like coefficients, the axis of symmetry, and the vertex of a parabola.

Part 6 of the video covers the topic in detail.

Yash’s advice to students struggling with math

Yash had two main pieces of advice for math students. Firstly, students should focus on getting strong with their basics. For example, a student who is strong at differentiation is in a better position at solving differential equations. And secondly, students must know what they are trying to solve, and how they are going about it. Else, they will get confused.

Closing Remarks by Jean

Jean again emphasized and urged students to never stop asking questions, and never fear being turned down or criticized for it. They will find someone who will help. In fact, learning as he sees it, is a lifelong process. One should seek knowledge to get a better education and develop on a personal level too.

All being said, Amandeep and the team of TutorEye promises that students of math and any other academic subject will get a helpful education in under 3 minutes at our website.


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