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Are you ready to find out what is Friction?

Not sure about what is rolling friction and what is sliding friction? Come let’s find out what in the world of Physics is considered as “necessary evil.” Our Physics expert, Manoj Thakur will cover definitions, formulas, equations, and units of friction and answer your most difficult queries in this webinar.

So join the webinar on 21st April 2021 @ 4 PM (CST) and find out types of friction and its uses.

Who’s this for?

You will benefit greatly if you belong to Grades 9-12 and a high schooler looking to understand the applications and solve physics problem questions. Together with our subject specialist, revise the fundamentals and revisit the basics on Friction in a short session designed to help you solve equations easily.

Moreover if you are a high school student this webinar is for you! Students from 9th-12th grade will be the biggest achievers as all your queries on identities and theorems will be answered by an expert professional.

How will this webinar help you?

If you wish to seek answers to questions that you dread might be given in the exam- we’re here for you. Not only will we cover the basics but also our academician will provide you with study hacks.

Yes, questions like “what causes friction?”; “what is kinetic friction” and “coefficient of friction units” will be discussed in great detail. With the help of real-life examples, you can easily understand topics like “kinetic friction” and whether or not it is considered a force!

So gear up to actively seek your answers in this exciting webinar designed to answer your most specific problems.

What to expect?

Get ready for a 30 minutes riveting session and an exciting Q and A round.

Here’s what we'll cover in a short span:

  • Introduction- what is fiction?
  • Types of Friction- rolling, sliding and static etc.
  • Real-life applications
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Coefficient of Friction
  • Numerical Problems

Let’s get ready to turn this webinar on friction into momentum to excel in Physics. Reserve your spot now!


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