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How to solve linear equations in two variables?

Let’s master word problems together!

We all know about the problems that students face while solving linear equations with two variables. So let’s join Nitesh Negi, our subject expert, in a LIVE webinar on March 10, 2021, at 4 pm (CST) to figure out first-degree equations with two unknowns!

Do you wish to perfect the solving methods to answer questions quickly? Here is your chance to find out how you can use the elimination or substitution method to derive a solution easily.

For all those, who wish to know how algebra is a way of thinking designed to understand the real world, this is a great opportunity!

Why not use ‘x’ to find the value of ‘y’ to know what factors play out in everyday life through algebraic word problems? So gear up to learn and unlearn a few tricks for life!

Who all will benefit from this webinar?

Whether you are a middle grade, or a high schooler, you stand to gain, as a top professional will answer the questions that in the past have left you stumped and confused!

Be ready for a riveting session where no question is “off-limits” and you can learn the fundamentals and revise the basics of the subject.

Students from Grade 5-12 stand to gain maximum as this webinar is specially designed to answer your queries and problems you face during exams.

Come, let’s learn together!

How will this webinar help you?

Apart from sharpening your problem solving abilities, you will also be able to correlate examples of linear equations in two variables in your daily life.

Besides, you will learn solving techniques, and methods that will help you score well in your tests and examinations! Be ready to learn the tricks and easy hacks to decipher word problems.

What can you expect?

You can expect Nitesh, our subject expert, to walk you through the basic premise of linear equations in two variables word problems.

In a 30 minutes Live webinar, you will learn all about coefficients , applying different methods to arrive at a solution and applications of linear equations in real life.

Moreover, there will also be 10 minutes one-on-one questions and answers round. So feel free to ask everything you need to know about algebraic word problems.

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