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What are two reasons for preparing an index supplier


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1.Hi, can you help me with this discussion board? 1.Describe the use of [a] cowrie shells in Africa OR [b] ...

frica OR [b] wampum in North America as money; including, in particular, how this use changed following the arrival of the white man. 2.Describe [a] the use of the U.S. Dollar as a store of value in two to four other countries OR [b] Bitcoin. 3. Describe the process by which this country used to have a pattern involving bank panics and business cycles. 4.At this time, the breakeven expected inflation rate is 2.2 percent. What are [a] good reasons to suspect this is too high AND [b] too low? 5.What do the successes of Oprah Winfrey, Kanye West, and Michael Jordan in becoming billionaires say about the knowledge of saving and investment of some Americans?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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