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What is a line graph is it a graph that shows how the independent variable changes in response to a


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1.The question is "A dog is looking at the top of a steeple that is sitting on top of a ...

ight of the church, not including the steeple is 20 feet. The line of sight between the dog and the top of the steeple is 29 feet. What is the height of the steeple? Round your answer to the nearest tenth
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2.students are expected to research and compose a paper based on the application of concepts and theories examined in class. ...

ies examined in class. This paper is not a literature review, though a literature review is part of your work. As this course takes place in a compressed timeline, I provided some suggestions for research topics. Feel free to use one of these as a springboard or propose your own. At the end of the second week of class, students submit a three-page research paper prospectus. A research prospectus is a preliminary plan for conducting a study. This is not a detailed and technical research proposal, but rather, an analysis of the issues likely confronted in such a study. In essence, it is a preliminary proposal of work. Research Paper Prospectus Elements To complete the Research Paper Prospectus, consider the following elements. While the prospectus is limited to three pages of body content, remember, students must cover each of these areas as relevant to the plan for research: Research Problem. What is the research problem? A problem is a situation when left untreated, produces a negative consequence for a group, an institution, or a(n) individual(s). What makes it a problem? For whom? Who says so? Assumptions. On what assumptions is the work based? Which assumptions are verifiable in literature? Which assumptions are speculative? Theoretical Issues. What theoretical issues arise from the study? For example, "theoretically," how is the problem and suspected results explained to other scholars? Is there a behavior view? A social systems view? Are there other theoretical orientations to consider in the study's design? Literature Review. What, in general, does the literature say about the topic? While more development is expected for the final paper, a review of major theories, research, and writers in the field is needed. Research Questions. Based on the problem, what are the research questions to be answered? How and why will answering the questions contribute to solving the research problem? Remember....a research question can only be answered with empirical data or information. General Research Plan. In general, what research is necessary to answer the research question. What kind of data is needed? Specify the type, such as surveys, observations, or interviews. Who is to be studied and why? How is the data reduced and made sense of? How is the quality of the data assured? Anticipated Difficulties and Pitfalls. What kind of difficulties and pitfalls are expected in a study of this nature? What can be done to prevent them or minimize their effects? Anticipated Benefits. Who will benefit from the fact this research is undertaken? How? Why? Who might be disturbed by this proposed study? How? Why? Paper Format Requirements The Research Paper Prospectus is presented in standard APA 7 format, with a cover page, running head, body, and references list. The cover page and references do not count toward the three-page requirement. The body uses headers and in-text citations in the manner prescribed by APA. Students should include any references they know at the time they submit the prospectus, though it is expected the references may change or increase in number. Full and complete adherence to APA is required. APA Basics As APA format is the rule, remember the formatting rules shown on the Sample Paper (Links to an external site.): Times New Roman, 12pt 1" margins on all sides Double spaced, with extra line spaces removed (see below) Page numbers in the upper right Two spaces after concluding punctuation 150-250 word abstract with keywords APA-style in-text citations and quote format. Use the Purdue OWL in-text citation information (Links to an external site.)to help you. Alphabetical (by author) reference page with correct reference format. DO NOT trust the reference generator in your word processing program. It is WRONG! Use the Purdue OWL references information (Links to an external site.)to correctly structure references and do so manually.
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4.Directions: You are part of a fireworks crew assembling a local fireworks display. There are two parts to the fireworks platforms: ...

rts to the fireworks platforms: one part is on the ground and the other part is on top of a building. You are going to graph all of your results on one coordinate plane. Make sure to label each graph with its equation. Use the following equations to assist with this assignment. • The function for objects dropped from a height where t is the time in seconds, h is the height in feet at time it t, and 0 h is the initial height is 2 0 ht t h ( ) 16 =− + . • The function for objects that are launched where t is the time in seconds, h is the height in feet at time t, 0 h is the initial height, and 0 v is the initial velocity in feet per second is 2 0 0 ht t vt h ( ) 16 =− + + . Select the link below to access centimeter grid paper for your portfolio. Centimeter Grid Paper Task 1 First, conduct some research to help you with later portions of this portfolio assessment. • Find a local building and estimate its height. How tall do you think the building is? • Use the Internet to find some initial velocities for different types of fireworks. What are some of the initial velocities that you found? Task 2 Respond to the following items. 1. While setting up a fireworks display, you have a tool at the top of the building and need to drop it to a coworker below. a. How long will it take the tool to fall to the ground? (Hint: use the first equation that you were given above, 2 0 ht t h ( ) 16 =− + . For the building’s height, use the height of the building that you estimated in Task 1.) b. Draw a graph that represents the path of this tool falling to the ground. Be sure to label your axes with a title and a scale. Your graph should show the height of the tool, h, after t seconds have passed. Label this line “Tool”.
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5.Company A has the current income statement below. Remember to show all your calculations for each question. Assuming a projected ...

estion. Assuming a projected increase in sales of 12% annually, a gross profit margin this year of 19.23%, an operating profit margin this year of 16.31% and a called dividend each year of 16% of after tax earnings, 23.U0 P Flag question Finish attem Time left 2:2 (1) complete the income statement below; (3 points) (2) prepare two subsequent years of pro formas; (6 points) (3) what is the gross profit margin for year 2? (1 point) (4) what is the operating profit margin for year 2? (1 points) (5) what is the gross profit margin for year 3? (1 point) (6) what is the operating profit margin for year 3? (1 point) (7) what is the compound annual growth rate of dividends from year 1 to year 3? (3 points) (8) What is the growth rate of the company's after tax earnings from year 1 to 3? (3 points) (9) If the company too 45% of this year's net profits after taxes and invested in a new line of business with anticipated cash flows of $60,000, $65,000, $75,000 and $90,000 over the next four years, assuming a 10% discount rate, what is the projects NPV? (3 points) (10) Would you recommend the project considered in question 9 above? Why or why not? (1 point) Income Statement of Company A Sales Revenue $4,396,223 Less COGS Fixed Costs Variable costs (42%) Gross Profits Less Operating Expenses Fixed Expenses Variable Expenses (2.8%) Operating Profits Less Interest Expense (2.7%) Net Profits before Taxes Less Taxes (21%) Net profits after taxes Less Dividend Increased Retained Earnings
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6.Kelly Industries has decided to use a p-Chart with an α risk of 6% to monitor the proportion of defective ...

ective castings produced by their production process. The quality control manager randomly samples 250 castings at 12 successively selected time periods and counts the number of defective castings in the sample. Step 1 of 8 : What is the Center Line of the control chart? Round your answer to three decimal places.
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rectangular sheet of paper, AB 15cm and BC 12= so that the fold line goes through the corner A and the corner B ends up in the figure. Calculate the area of ​​the quadrilateral AECD and the triangle ABC. 12cm. The sheet is folded to the side of the CD, see
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8.On your next birthday, your biggest accomplishment becomes your official title – no matter how trivial. You wait anxiously in ...

vial. You wait anxiously in line for your village elder, Glenda, Devourer of 53 Chicken Nuggets In A Single Sitting, to assign you your new title. o Choose the greatest accomplishment you have completed thus far, and write a narrative from your point of view about what it would look like if you were to be bestowed an official title at a birthday ceremony. Is my essay prompt . I need help with making a thesis and outline
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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