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1.Question 1 the population of a city was 67,000 people in 1990, and has grown exponentially at an average rate of ...

average rate of 1.1% since then, how many years later would the population arrive at 102.000 people? Give your answer as a number only, to the nearest tenths Question 3 In a bag containing 5 red, 2 blue, 8 clear, and 1 purple marble, what is the probability of picking a blue marble, then without replacement, choosing a red marble on the second pick? (Leave in simplified fraction form.] Question 11 Poaching is causing a population of elephants to decline by 6% per year. Determine how many elephants remain in 76 years if there are 13,365 elephants today. Round to the nearest whole number.
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3. I have trouble with math word problems i don't get this An airplane flies at an altitude of 14,690 ...

4,690 ft while a submarine is submerged at a depth of 521 feet below the surface of the ocean.. What is the difference between these two elevations? Journal entry content must contain the following: Restate the applied problem in your own words. Write an algebraic expression for the given applied problem. Simplified the algebraic expression. In the context of the applied problem, explain what your simplified algebraic expression represents
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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