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3.5.97 g of fluorene is added to .250 kg of benzene and it was found that the freezing point of ...

e decreased by 0.737 C what is the experimental molar mass of fluorene Kf of benzene = 5.12 K kg/mol can't hoff factor of flouorene = 12.___ g/mol
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4.Emilia runs a day care center. Of the last 14 children to enroll at the day care center, 4 of ...

ave been babies. What is the experimental probability that the next child to enroll will be a baby?
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5.1. Nizar was computing a Statistics problem asking for the probability of Event A. His answer was 1.36 Using your ...

36 Using your knowledge of probability, why should Nizar have known that his answer was NOT correct and gone back to review his calculations? 2. A four-colored spinner was spun 80 times. The spinner landed on green 15 times, yellow 30 times, blue 10 times, and red 25. Based on this data, what is the experimental probability of the spinner landing on green? (Write your answer as a fraction in lowest terms.) 3. If the probability that a certain mechanical part in your new car will fail this year is 0.05, what is the probability that the mechanical part will not fail this first year? 4. A coin is loaded so that the probability of getting tails is 1/4. If the coin is flipped twice, what is the probability of getting tails twice? 5.If a 6-sided die is tossed and then a coin is flipped, what is the probability that an odd number is rolled and the coin lands on heads? 6.A field goal kicker makes 3 of every 7 attempts at a field goal. If he kicks 4 field goals in a certain game, what is the probability that he'll make all four? (Write your answer as a fraction in lowest terms.)
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