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1.a) Carbon tetrachloride is an organic compound with the chemical formula CCl4. It is a colorless liquid with a “sweet” smell. i. ...

quid with a “sweet” smell. i. Using the ground state electron configuration and excited state electron configuration explain the hybridization of the central Carbon (C) atom. (7 Marks) ii. Identify the orbitals that overlap to form the C-Cl bond. Draw a diagram to show the orbital overlap. (3 Marks) iii. What is the bond angle of CCl4? (1 Mark) b) Consider a Fluorine atom (F) and a Fluorine anion (F-). Which of these two species would you expect to have a larger radius? Explain your answer. (5 Marks) c) Explain why the first ionization energy of Aluminum (Al) is less than that of Magnesium (Mg). (4 Marks) d) Assume the atom Oxygen(O) can form both cationic(O+) and anionic(O-) species. Place the following species in order of increasing first ionization energy, starting with the lowest. O+, O, O- (5 Marks) 4. a) Sea water contains roughly 28.0 g of NaCl per liter. (NaCl molar mass = 58.44 gmol-1). i. Calculate the number of moles of NaCl in a liter of sea water. (2 Marks) ii. Calculate the molarity of NaCl in sea water. (4 Marks) iii. Calculate the mass by volume percent (W/V) of NaCl in sea water. (4 Marks) Lowest first ionization energy ………………… ….. Intermediate ionization energy ………………… ….. Highest first ionization energy …………………
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2.A 48.87 gram sample of a hydrate of MgI2 was heated thoroughly in a porcelain crucible, until its weight remained ...

ight remained constant. After heating, 32.19 grams of the anhydrous compound remained. What is the formula of the hydrate?
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7.I can't seem to answer this question with the formula of V=LWH. The volume of a rectangular box is 1600 cubic ...

s 1600 cubic inches. The height of the box is 8 inches and the length of the box is 2 times longer than the width of the box. What is the width of the box?
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8.A spherical snowball is melting in such a way that its diameter is decreasing at rate of 0.1 cm/min. At ...

At what rate is the volume of the snowball decreasing when the diameter is 9 cm. Formula for volume of sphere is V=(4/3)pi(r^3)
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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