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What is the height of a triangle whose area is square meters and whose base is meters


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1.The man in the figure at left has a mass of 50 kg, and launches horizontally from a trapeze at ...

m/s. After landing on the trampoline, which has a “spring” constant of 17 kN/m, the trampoline deflects downward 0.7 m, and the man bounces up and to the left. a) How much farther to the left does he travel after bouncing off the trampoline? b) What is the maximum height he will reach after the bounce? c) What will his velocity be upon landing?
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2.The question is "A dog is looking at the top of a steeple that is sitting on top of a ...

ight of the church, not including the steeple is 20 feet. The line of sight between the dog and the top of the steeple is 29 feet. What is the height of the steeple? Round your answer to the nearest tenth
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3.A skier starts from rest at the top of a hill. The skier coasts down the hill and up a ...

as the drawing illustrates. The crest of the second hill is circular, with a radius of 28.6m. Neglect friction and air resistance. What must be the height of the first hill so that the skier just loses contact with the snow at the crest of the second hill?
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4.Q1) (15 points) In the diagram below, M1 = 50 Kg, M2 = 20 Kg, mass and radius of the ...

g and 30 cm each, respectively. Both M1 and M2 rest on frictionless surfaces and the system starts from rest. (a) Draw the fbd for each of M1, M2 and the pulley. (b) Write the equations of motion for each of M1, M2 and the pulley. (c) Calculate the linear acceleration of the two masses, as well as the angular acceleration of the pulley. (d) Calculate the angular velocity of the pulley after M1 and M2 have been displaced linearly by 2 m. Q2) (10 points) A basketball is thrown with an initial speed v0 of 10.8 m/s at 400 above horizontal, and it enters the hoop from above. The ball is released at 2.00 m above the ground. The hoop is 3.05 m above the ground and 10.0 m away from the player. (a) Find the time at which the ball passes through the hoop. (b) Find the ball’s velocity (express in component form) just when it enters the hoop. (c) Find the ball’s maximum height. Q3) (5 Points) An object is thrown up from the top of a building of height of 400 m with an initial velocity of 20 m/s. (a) Find the position and the velocity of the object 5 s later. (b) With what velocity will it hit the ground? (c) At the same time the first object is thrown up, a second object is thrown up from the ground at 100 m/s. Will the two objects collide? If yes, calculate when and where,
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5.A rock is thrown from a cliff. Its path may be modeled by the function h(t) = -2t^2 +6t ...

is measured in seconds and height is measured in metres. Answer each of the following algebraically. at what time does the rock hit the ground? for what length of time is the rock above a height of 8 metres?
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6.A force of 40.0 N is needed to compress a spring 0.200 m. A 1.00 x 10-2 kg ball ...

ring. a) Calculate the work done to compress the spring. (2 marks) b) What happens to the work done on the spring ? (1 mark) c) If the spring is released, what happens to the energy of the spring? (1 mark) d) Calculate the total mechanical energy of the ball at the instant it leaves the spring. (2 marks) e) What will be the speed of the ball at the instant it leaves the spring? (2 marks) f) If the ball is fired up into the air by the spring, how much gravitational potential energy will it gain? (1 mark) g) What will be the maximum height of the ball? (2 marks
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7.A worker drops his hammer while working on your building. You observe as the falling hammer takes 0.20 s to ...

20 s to fall past your window. The window is 1.6 m tall. From what height above the top of the win- dow was the hammer dropped by the worker?
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8.The mean height of all the elderly women in a city is 160 cm and the variance of their heights ...

cm2. If a sample of 60 elderly women is taken, what is the probability that their mean height will be less than 158 cm?
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