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What mass in grams of ammonia can be made from g of h if the original equation is n h nh


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2.1. What is the theoretical yield of Ag in grams if 65.00ml of 0.100M AgNO3 is reacted with an excess ...

of Cu metal? 2.If 1.25g of Cu is reacted with an excess of AgNO3 what mass of Ag should be expected? 3.If 125.00ml of 0.050M AgNO3 is reacted with 0.250g of Cu how much Ag would you produce in grams? I appreciate it if any of u took your time to help me answer these :)
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3.1) A hypothetical element exists as two isotopes: I = 42.00 amu and II = 49.00 amu. If the percent ...

bundance of isotope I is (1.94x10^1)%, what would be the calculated atomic mass (in amu)? 2) A hypothetical element exists as two isotopes: I = 78.00 amu and II = 84.00 amu. If the atomic mass of this element is found to be 80.33 amu, which isotope must be more abundant? 3) If the hypothetical polyatomic ion ThOM2- is called "thomite", what would be the formula and name of the acid formed by this ion? 4) How many atoms of hydrogen are there in a sample of (4.00x10^2) grams of NH3(g)? 5) How many O (oxygen) atoms are there in (6.40x10^2) grams of H3PO4? 6) How many moles of fluorine atoms are there in (5.80x10^2) grams of SF4? 7) When 3.50 g of titanium (Ti) reacts with oxygen, the resulting oxide compound weighs 5.84 g. What is the empirical formula of this oxide? 8) How many moles of molecules are there in (6.70x10^2) grams of CH4? 9) A chemical is found to be 80.0% C and the rest is H. If the molar mass of this chemical is known to be 90.2 g/mol, what is the molecular formula?
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