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1.1.) I shall read you this report. (Active) - You shall be read this report ...

- You shall be Read this report by me. (Can you tell me the reason why passive 1 is correct not 2nd... reason)
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2.students are expected to research and compose a paper based on the application of concepts and theories examined in class. ...

ies examined in class. This paper is not a literature review, though a literature review is part of your work. As this course takes place in a compressed timeline, I provided some suggestions for research topics. Feel free to use one of these as a springboard or propose your own. At the end of the second week of class, students submit a three-page research paper prospectus. A research prospectus is a preliminary plan for conducting a study. This is not a detailed and technical research proposal, but rather, an analysis of the issues likely confronted in such a study. In essence, it is a preliminary proposal of work. Research Paper Prospectus Elements To complete the Research Paper Prospectus, consider the following elements. While the prospectus is limited to three pages of body content, remember, students must cover each of these areas as relevant to the plan for research: Research Problem. What is the research problem? A problem is a situation when left untreated, produces a negative consequence for a group, an institution, or a(n) individual(s). What makes it a problem? For whom? Who says so? Assumptions. On what assumptions is the work based? Which assumptions are verifiable in literature? Which assumptions are speculative? Theoretical Issues. What theoretical issues arise from the study? For example, "theoretically," how is the problem and suspected results explained to other scholars? Is there a behavior view? A social systems view? Are there other theoretical orientations to consider in the study's design? Literature Review. What, in general, does the literature say about the topic? While more development is expected for the final paper, a review of major theories, research, and writers in the field is needed. Research Questions. Based on the problem, what are the research questions to be answered? How and why will answering the questions contribute to solving the research problem? Remember....a research question can only be answered with empirical data or information. General Research Plan. In general, what research is necessary to answer the research question. What kind of data is needed? Specify the type, such as surveys, observations, or interviews. Who is to be studied and why? How is the data reduced and made sense of? How is the quality of the data assured? Anticipated Difficulties and Pitfalls. What kind of difficulties and pitfalls are expected in a study of this nature? What can be done to prevent them or minimize their effects? Anticipated Benefits. Who will benefit from the fact this research is undertaken? How? Why? Who might be disturbed by this proposed study? How? Why? Paper Format Requirements The Research Paper Prospectus is presented in standard APA 7 format, with a cover page, running head, body, and references list. The cover page and references do not count toward the three-page requirement. The body uses headers and in-text citations in the manner prescribed by APA. Students should include any references they know at the time they submit the prospectus, though it is expected the references may change or increase in number. Full and complete adherence to APA is required. APA Basics As APA format is the rule, remember the formatting rules shown on the Sample Paper (Links to an external site.): Times New Roman, 12pt 1" margins on all sides Double spaced, with extra line spaces removed (see below) Page numbers in the upper right Two spaces after concluding punctuation 150-250 word abstract with keywords APA-style in-text citations and quote format. Use the Purdue OWL in-text citation information (Links to an external site.)to help you. Alphabetical (by author) reference page with correct reference format. DO NOT trust the reference generator in your word processing program. It is WRONG! Use the Purdue OWL references information (Links to an external site.)to correctly structure references and do so manually.
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3.Please help these two big questions! 1) DVB claims that non-polar solutes such as hexane do not dissolve in water because ...

solve in water because there are no intermolecular forces that act between hexane and water. A) Explain why this statement is incorrect. (1 mark C) B) Explain the correct reason why non-polar molecules dissolve better in other non-polar molecules as oppose to polar molecules. (2 marks C)
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4. For a reducing balance loan what happens when you pay a extra repayments aggressively at the start. How does it ...

rt. How does it make u pay less interest and have less interest: Vn+1 = 1.00405Vn - 1817.35, Vo= 34400 The term of the loan is 30 years with monthly payment of 1817.35 at an interest rate of 4.86 p.a Pls tell me the answer regarding this particular equation Q2) How much of the principal has been repaid? Fv - Vo is this the correct formula Q3) Superannuation Something like if u add money without tax why does it benefit your super account I’m sorry to disturb you but I was hoping you could help as tmrw is my last writing lesson for my sac
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5.1. Nizar was computing a Statistics problem asking for the probability of Event A. His answer was 1.36 Using your ...

36 Using your knowledge of probability, why should Nizar have known that his answer was NOT correct and gone back to review his calculations? 2. A four-colored spinner was spun 80 times. The spinner landed on green 15 times, yellow 30 times, blue 10 times, and red 25. Based on this data, what is the experimental probability of the spinner landing on green? (Write your answer as a fraction in lowest terms.) 3. If the probability that a certain mechanical part in your new car will fail this year is 0.05, what is the probability that the mechanical part will not fail this first year? 4. A coin is loaded so that the probability of getting tails is 1/4. If the coin is flipped twice, what is the probability of getting tails twice? 5.If a 6-sided die is tossed and then a coin is flipped, what is the probability that an odd number is rolled and the coin lands on heads? 6.A field goal kicker makes 3 of every 7 attempts at a field goal. If he kicks 4 field goals in a certain game, what is the probability that he'll make all four? (Write your answer as a fraction in lowest terms.)
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

mathematicsalgebra Physics