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1.In this unit, we have explored the various parts of culture that shape our identity and perceptions, acknowledging we are ...

acknowledging we are all complex combinations of influences and beliefs. For your first major essay of ENGL 1010, you will examine some of these influences, writing what is called an autoethnography. Autoethnography is a method that uses personal experience ("auto") to describe and interpret ("graphy") cultural experiences, beliefs, and practices ("ethno"). It is not simply telling a story about your life; rather, it is a way you can help an outside reader dig deeper into how certain cultural forces affect you and why they are important. Your autoethnography should focus on ONE culture you identify with and include: • An explanation of this culture to an outside audience (someone who does not belong to the same community). What makes this culture unique? • Stereotypes, misconceptions, and/or conflicts you have experienced as a member of this culture • How this culture has affected you and why it is a significant part of your identity
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2.1) In what ways did the Scientific Revolution shape the Enlightenment? Make sure you provide details and examples of influential ...

and examples of influential thinkers and ideas in your answer. 2) Explain the origins, development and aftermath of the French Revolution. Be sure to explain why this event is so significant with specific examples from your readings and class lecture.
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3.After a dreary day of rain, the sun peeks through the clouds and a rainbow forms. You notice the rainbow ...

nbow is the shape of a parabola. The equation for this parabola is y = -x2 + 36. Graph of a parabola opening down at the vertex 0 comma 36 crossing the x–axis at negative 6 comma 0 and 6 comma 0. Create a table of values for a linear function. A drone is in the distance, flying upward in a straight line. It intersects the rainbow at two points. Choose the points where your drone intersects the parabola and create a table of at least four values for the function. Remember to include the two points of intersection in your table. Analyze the two functions. Answer the following reflection questions in complete sentences. What is the domain and range of the rainbow? Explain what the domain and range represent. Do all of the values make sense in this situation? Why or why not? What are the x- and y-intercepts of the rainbow? Explain what each intercept represents. Is the linear function you created positive or negative? Explain. What are the solutions or solution to the system of equations created? Explain what it or they represent.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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