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1.Im want to learn about custmary length its kinda confusing but i was kinda hoping you guys would be able ...

able to help because i have a quiz on it and i really do not want to fail
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3.Hay, my name is Diana I am studying in Hague university and right now I have 1AP statistics, I am ...

st, literally in tears already because I have an exam in 2 weeks and Numerical Descriptive Measures, The Normal Distribution, Sampling Distribution, Confidence Interval Estimation and Fundementals of Hypothesis Testing: One sample test doesn't make sense to me. Would you be able to help me with that? I have 2 weeks to understand that till my exam?
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4.Hello, I'm getting ready to take a placement test that is done completely online. I really need help scoring high so ...

p scoring high so I can begin calculus in college. I have one hour to finish the online test. I was looking for someone to help me take this. Would you be able to help me ? Thanks
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6.The spot exchange rate between the US dollar and Swiss franc is $1.056 per franc. Swiss banks pay 2.5 percent ...

5 percent (annual) interest on their 180-day (6 months) deposits. On similar deposits, American banks pay 1.5 percent (annual.) Assuming that the 180-day forward rate of Swiss franc is $1.045, Do you see an arbitrage opportunity between these two countries? Briefly explain. If your answer were yes, how you would be able to take advantage from it and how much you would make on $100,000 investment? The arbitrage transactions are expected to be followed by some adjustments in the market which will eventually make the arbitrage opportunity disappear. What kind of adjustment do you expect to see in each of the following? The US interest rate The spot exchange rate between the dollar and the Swiss franc The 6-month forward rate between the dollar and the Swiss franc The Swiss interest rate
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7.I need help writing balanced chemical formulas for Polyatomic Ions and Monatomic Ions. Would you be able to help? My ...

able to help? My assignments are due tomorrow and I was out the entire week with the flu.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

mathematicsalgebra Physics