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1.Daughter is writing a 4 page critical analysis essay on the book "1984". It is due on Sunday night. ...

I would like someone to review the paper with her and offer her some guidance.
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2.Length: 500-750 words Prompt: Egalia’s Daughters (1977) is a “satire of the sexes” in which traditional Western gender roles ...

which traditional Western gender roles are reversed. Read the introductory chapterPreview the document. Write a paper analyzing what traditional Western gender roles are “reversed” in the kingdom of Egalia. How does language help to define the roles? Do you think the author believes in natural gender roles or does she believe they are socially constructed? Why? Writing tips: Organize your paper into paragraphs; try to focus each paragraph on a particular idea which includes an argumentative claim and evidence to support it. Citations may be parenthetical with page number. For example, (10). Use quotation marks for direct quotes.
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4.I need assistance writing a 7500 page thesis for my masters program. I have a draft due tomorrow night, and ...

ht, and I'm having difficulty formulating my research and organizing the paper. I could use assistance breaking down my paper and coming up with content/points.
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

mathematicsalgebra Physics