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You and your classmates decide to sell sweatshirts and t shirts to raise money for a school trip you decide that


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1.You and your classmates decide to sell sweatshirts and T-shirts to raise money for a school trip. You decide that ...

u decide that you should sell at least thirty items, but do not want to exceed 120 items. Based on a small survey of students, you also decide that the number of T-shirts should be at least twice the number of sweatshirts. A. Assign variables to the unknown quantities and write a system of inequalities that model the given restrictions. B. Graph the system, indicating an appropriate window and scale and shading the feasible region. C. Determine the vertices of the polygonal feasible region. D. Assume the profit on each sweatshirt is $5 and the profit on each T-shirt is $2. What is the maximum profit you can obtain? E. How many sweatshirts and how many T-shirts should you sell to maximize your profit?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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