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You are to imagine that you are a colonist at the first and the second continental congress expressing your views


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1.Antonio and Juan are in a 4-mile bike race. The graph below shows the distance of each racer (in miles) ...

es) as a function of time (in minutes). Who wins the race? How do you know? Imagine you were watching the race and had to announce it over the radio, write a little story describing the race.
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2.Suppose you have a patient suffering from anemia and find that her hemoglobin is missing three amino acids from the ...

acids from the primary sequence. How might this affect each of the three higher levels of protein structure, thus causing this condition? 2) Imagine that you are building an artificial eukaryotic cell starting with an artificial bacterial cell. What organelles would you need to add? 3)How can an enzyme recognize and bind one specific substrate in a cell containing thousands of different molecules? How will extremes of temperature and pH affect this specificity?
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1.AU MAT 120 Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities Discussion

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